About Linda

About Linda

I’m Linda Clayton and I’m a psychic intuitive and animal communicator. The animal communication came about after a whopping near death experience when I was younger.

It was an amazing experience, one I’ll never forget. I rose up, saw myself and my body in the bed below, saw grass that was lit from the inside of each blade, and became part of love.

It wasn’t like you loved someone, you were love itself. And after i got shot back into my body I was left with the gifts of being psychic, seeing people at a distance, some medical intuition, being a medium, hearing from people who are speechless such as those with alzheimers, strokes, embryo’s and finally and best of all , animal communication.

The animal communication is the biggest thrill of all. To hear what they say in their own words and what they actually feel and to able to pass this along to their pet parents is a total joy. I’ve heard from animals who are alive and those who have passed on. I’ve talked to a dog with a cockney accent, an older dog who told me he used to be handsome, a horse who said her blanket was too itchy and driving her crazy, a cat who needed a bubbling fountain as opposed to a bowl of water, etc. they tell me when they’re done here on earth - when they’re ready to cross over. With no fear.

Each reading is a gift from the animal. Each is from their heart. Each is communicating what is most important to them, in their own way, with their own words, showing their own feelings. They decide when I contact them, whether they’ll ‘talk’ to me or not. So far they all have, some after a little coaxing. And the report from the families after we talk is that they feel better. They unravel some of their quirky behaviors, stop some nasty habits and just generally relax.